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California Tax Refunds Delayed

Well, isn’t that annoying.

From the site, I can’t tell if the delay is open-ended or not. The first paragraph states, “…delay refunds for 30 days starting February 1, 2009”, but then, “It is anticipated that as soon as the cash and budget problems are solved, the refund delay will be lifted.” So in reality they have no idea when the problem will be solved.

You have my money, please give it back!

Why the Republican Party Isn’t Ready for the Big Show

On the radio this morning, NPR had a Morning Edition story on the debate between contenders for the GOP Chairman position.  The story was full of quotes highlighting the sad state of the Republican Party.  But the most appalling was a quote exclaiming, “the Republican Party will be ready for battle in 2010!” against the Democratic Party.

They really don’t get it.  America is in trouble and they’re still trying to divide us.  The reason Obama won is because he is a shining star guiding and uniting all Americans.  The last thing we need is a group of politicians coming back attempting to divide the nation.

Wake up GOP!  You need more than new leaders, you need a new agenda!