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Vibram FiveFingers: First Run

Vibram FiveFingers Sprint

Vibram FiveFingers Sprint

Yesterday I ran my first couple miles in my new “barefoot” running shoes. (Yes, combining the words “barefoot” and “shoes” together is a little oxymoronic.) The quick results: I felt fast and free, but my calves are sore.

I drove to More Mesa because I wanted at least a mile of open dirt trail. I’m very glad I opted for dirt; I can’t imagine how sore I’d be if I tried this on pavement! Starting out with a lot of energy, it’s easy to stay on your toes – or midfoot/ball of foot – on each step. It’s definitely a different stride never letting your foot get out ahead of you where you’re forced to land on your heel. It’s a good change because striking your heel is essentially putting the brakes on with every step. Running on the front part of your foot forces speed – you basically struggle to keep yourself from falling forward. In the first mile, I felt fast, natural, and free.

Along the cliff, the dirt gets pretty soft and is quite sandy in some spots. It was weird to feel the sand between the toes of the shoes. Because the shoes don’t cover much, I was worried about dirt getting in from the top. Turns out this wasn’t much of a problem. A couple times I kicked dirt into my heel, but the shoes kept most debris out.

Now the negative: About a mile from my car, I thought I had a burr in the shoe. I stopped to remove it to find that it was the shoe itself rubbing away at my foot! The seam along the side of the big toe joint was slowly wearing a hole in my skin! Being a mile away from the car, I decided walking was not going to make it go away, so I toughed it out for the run back. I was wincing (and running quite funny) by the time I got back to my car. I left a nice red spot in the shoe. 🙁

The run itself felt great. Aside from the one spot rubbing a hole in my foot, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing anything on your feet. They’re basically just there for protection from small debris. You will still feel a sharp rock, and it will hurt. My feet did take a little beating on the trail, but not too bad.

Later in the day, I walked quite a bit around downtown with no issues. (I bandaged the hole.) I wish I would have soaked my feet in ice water because they were feeling a little swollen.

The following morning, as soon as I stepped out of bed, I noticed my calves. They definitely got a workout they aren’t used to! No terrible pain, just tight soreness. I’m sure it’s part of the transition to a more natural running style. Also, my heels are slightly tender; it’s pretty hard to avoid striking the heel at all.

All-in-all, I loved the feeling. I need a solution to the seam that rubs and then I’ll go out for round #2.

Setting Goals

Think & Grow Rich

Think & Grow Rich

Yeah, I missed the New Year’s Resolution train, but those always seem to fade too quickly.  Sitting down and setting goals, on the other hand, creates a clear vision to which I can hold myself accountable.

A friend gave me the book Think & Grow Rich.  I am just getting into it, but it seems to be a successful way to achieve financial goals.  The only problem is, I think most of my goals are not financial.  Sure, I need money to operate, but just like Biggie said, “Mo money, mo problems.”  However, I do have a financial goal of creating a solid Emergency Fund and I think this book will help achieve that.

My other goals fall into the categories of Health/Fitness, Education/Knowledge, and Civic/Social.  I believe a key element in the goal-setting process is accountability.  I could set these goals and tell nobody, and I probably won’t achieve them.  To combat that problem, I am meeting with at least one friend to review and share our goals, and to meet regularly to check in on the status.  I’m also taking the extra step of putting mine out here for an extra level of accountability.  So without further ado, here they are:

  • Health
    • Run 2x/week
    • Bike 2x/week – Hopefully to/from work
  • Brain
    • Read 1book/month
    • Play guitar at least 1x/week
  • Civic
    • Volunteer 1 day/month
  • Financial
    • $12,000 Emergency Fund by Feb 2011

So, there they are.  Wish me luck!

Edit: Changed volunteer to 1day/month – that was the original goal, I think I had a copy/paste error!