Doing customer service right – J.Crew

I’m going to mix it up a little and give some praise to a company that went the extra mile to make a customer happy. I know what you’re thinking…”What, nothing to complain about?” Nope, not really.

For my upcoming wedding, I talked my groomsmen into wearing matching suits. I found a great-fitting, stylish suit from J.Crew and I think all of us ordered online because J.Crew doesn’t really have stores everywhere, and where they do, chances are even slimmer that they stock suits.

The great news was, we were ordering around the holiday season, and everybody was running sales. We hit an immediate 25% off plus free shipping; not bad. The downside was sizing. I’m not sure how this happened, but my pants arrived about an inch too short. “No problem,” I thought, “I’ll just exchange for a new size.” So I popped them back in the box with a pre-printed return label.

A couple weeks later, I wondered why I hadn’t heard anything, so I contacted J.Crew. It turns out they were processing it as a return (even though I marked exchange and specified sizing on the return slip) because they didn’t have the size I needed. OK, so that was an annoying move.

However, as soon as I mentioned that I can’t just return the pants with no alternative because I’m pretty sure my fiancée expects me to wear pants to our wedding, they became very helpful. Maybe because I mentioned we collectively just dropped a pretty penny or two at their establishment they were very eager to correct the situation.

Soon they sent out the equivalent of a retail APB, searching every store for the correct size. That failed, so my next option was to pick a different size and have them altered. This wasn’t ideal, but it would have to do.

But this is the great part. I proposed that J.Crew cover the alteration costs, and they agreed! All in all, it was more of a pain than it should have been, but their customer service really came through and saved my wedding suit.

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