It’s Movember!

stacheHi Friends!

If you’ve seen me lately, you’ve seen the mustache. If you haven’t seen me lately, you’re missing out! It started as a beard for Halloween (Zach Galifianakis in the Hangover), then transformed to a dirty ‘stache for November’s Jazzercise-themed Bike Moves.

At the time, I had heard of Movember, but didn’t think much of it. I never planned on keeping this thing on my lip for more than a couple days.

Coincidentally, that weekend, my Mom informed me that my Uncle John had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

They are still testing to determine the extent of the cancer, but he is very positive and hopeful. Having a family member in such a situation is painful because you want to do something, but what can you do? That’s where Movember comes in!

Nobody likes cancer and I’m sure everybody is less than two degrees away from someone that has it. There have been tremendous advances in recent years in cancer research and improving the quality of life cancer patients. But cancer is still here. I’m confident that science will continue to improve and eventually cancer will be 100% curable and preventable. But until that time, real money is needed to progress the research and improve the lives of those suffering through it.

Please, give what you can, I understand the holidays are coming up. But think about that person you know and you wish you could help. And think about skipping lattes next week, opting for cheaper coffee – there’s $10. Or think about skipping a weekend downtown at the bars – there’s $50 (I know some of you spend more than that!) Just put it into perspective and do something positive!

Head over to my Movember page and donate!


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